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Our People

Belinda Corpuz

Academy Artist

Belinda Corpuz is a Filipina-Canadian multidisciplinary artist: actor, vocalist, musician, creator and theatre producer, born in the Philippines and raised in Scarborough (Treaty 13). Her EP, All I Am, has garnered national radio-play, including features on CBC Radio. She is a proud member of award winning all-Filipina group, Tita Collective. Her voice has been featured on film soundtracks including Robert Eggers’ The Witch, and Netflix’s In the Tall Grass. She holds a BMus in Performance - Jazz Voice from the University of Toronto. Recently Belinda was selected as part of ACTRA’s 2024 Asian Performer Showcase, presented in partnership with Reel Asian and in collaboration with the Casting Directors Society of Canada (CDC). Selected Theatre: Dear Rita (Tweed & Co), Ms. Titaverse (Tita Collective), Ursa: A Folk Musical (Uncommon Folk Collective), As You Like It (Canadian Stage), Tita Jokes (Tita Collective), Kwento (Tita Collective), All the Little Animals I Have Eaten (Nightwood), Lady Sunrise (Factory), Hilot Means Healer (Cahoots), Prairie Nurse (Factory/TIP); Selected Film/TV: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (CBS), Lola’s Wake (CFC), Jezebel (Reel Asian). / @belindacorpuz 

Where are you in your artistic journey at the moment? What are you excited about now that you are accepted into the Academy? What do you hope to learn during your time at Soulpepper? 

As I continue to grow and evolve in my practice, my work roots itself in empathy, curiosity, community-building, fostering connection through collaboration and collective creation. I strive to create from a deep sense of sensitivity, humility, generosity, and vulnerability. To constantly return to these values as guidance, so I may lead my practice with deep awareness and compassion. I’m excited to learn from and create meaningful connections with everyone involved in the Academy this year - from the facilitators, to my fellow Academy members. I hope to learn more about what it means to be in community with these wonderful groups of artists and the community theatre as a whole. To learn more about myself as an artist, and how I can share these learnings with others.