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"My work is to reclaim “the actor” by focusing on the root of its origin: Storytelling. By grounding into story, the focus becomes the whole, becomes the community at large, we all gathered for a clear purpose and each role is valued and important, this includes witnessing. This opens up the possibilities of how stories are told, not all stories are made for proscenium walls, not all theatre has to exist on stage, yet we choose theatre for a clear reason."

“I am excited to explore new approaches. I am looking forward to expanding my own definition of acting and theatre. My hope is to develop an outlook that is expansive asking questions like: ‘If there were no limitations or fear based thoughts what could this become?’. I am excited for the unknown and the possibility.”

Samantha Brown is a mixed race Anishinaabe and European settler storyteller, from Onaping in Northern Ontario. She came to Tkaronto to study in the Acting Conservatory at York University. Her past theatre credits include: Amy in the Arc theatre production of Oil, A Storyteller in the Soundstreams and Signal Theatre production of Two Odesseys: Gállábártnit/Pimooteewin, Joanna in the Soulpepper production of August: Osage County, Kilawna in the WCT, The Cultch, Persephone and Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre production of Kamloopa, among more.