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Around the World in 80 Plays 2021
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Available to June 30, 2021

Around the World in 80 Plays 2021

Theatre has the power to transport us. While we are at home, Soulpepper is invites audiences on a guided tour of the rich theatrical practices of the world. Around the World in 80 Plays features eight audio dramas celebrating the global ‘canon’, with works from Russia, India, Argentina, Jamaica, Iran, Nigeria, Italy, and Canada. Don’t miss some of the world’s greatest stories, performed by Canada’s leading theatre artists, and produced by award-winning audio producer Gregory Sinclair (CBC Radio, Audible) and Matt Rideout.

In collaboration with CBC Ideas, your journey will include eight companion documentaries that explore the cultural and historical context from these countries and celebrate how they intersect with contemporary Canadian multiculturalism. Additional Extend Your Stay offerings will deepen your cultural understanding through film, literature, art, and food recommendations. 

The Around the World Passport is your subscription to not miss a moment of the journey. Enjoy easy, unlimited access to all eight audio dramas, issued weekly, as well as the CBC Ideas and Extend Your Stay programming. Content aired on a weekly basis beginning in April, and be accessed through your Soulpepper account portal for you to enjoy as often as you’d like through to July 31, 2021.

Single Destinations tickets are still available on a Pay-What-You-Choose model, and are free for members of our Free 25 & Under program.

All around the world and throughout history, humans have acted out the stories that are significant to them, the stories that are central to their sense of who they are, the stories that have defined their communities, and shaped their societies. When we talk about classical theatre we want to explore what that means from the many perspectives of this city. This is a celebration of our global canon.

- Weyni Mengesha


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