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A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney
by Lucas Hnath
Directed by Mitchell Cushman
An Outside the March and Soulpepper production
Runtime: 90 minutes (no intermission)
On stage April 13 to May 12

A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney

A Fantasia for the Age of Succession

See Walt. See Walt run. See Walt run a multinational media conglomerate, remaking the world in his image. See Walt contemplate that image. See Walt contemplate cryogenics. See Disney on ice. See Walt’s family. Hear Walt’s screenplay. See Walt’s family hear Walt’s screenplay. See Walt melt.  

Outside the March ‘reanimates the Head of Disney’ with this Toronto Premiere by Obie Award-winning playwright Lucas Hnath (Dana H., A Doll’s House Part 2), one of the funniest and most formally daring playwrights of our moment. Starring Canadian theatre great Diego Matamoros as the man, the mouse, the legend—alongside the powerhouse cast of Katherine Cullen, Tony Ofori and Anand Rajaram, in a production directed by Mitchell Cushman and presented by Soulpepper Theatre.

Despite its title, this is neither a reading nor a screenplay; or rather, it’s both, in a brilliant 90-minute stage play. Hnath’s script is an intricately orchestrated merry-go-round of percussive language like a hypercaffeinated David Mamet (The New York Times). 

“Death of Walt Disney” toys with far-fetched concepts like: what if a powerful billionaire pursued his own immortality at the expense of the world around him? What if Elon Musk could doodle? And what if a melting world is no place to keep a frozen head from thawing?


a blackly comic inversion of the public Disney persona

- New York Times

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