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What You Won't Do For Love
Starring David Suzuki and Tara Cullis

Streaming Digitally December 3 – 19

What You Won't Do For Love

A love letter, a conversation, and an exploration of the deep love between David Suzuki and his life partner of 50 years, Tara Cullis.

In this charming and conversational film, renowned environmentalists David Suzuki and Tara Cullis share a lifetime of adventures, inspiration, and love with newlyweds Miriam and Sturla, reflecting on their relationship to each other and the planet. Revealing David Suzuki and Tara Cullis in an affable light, What You Won’t Do For Love asks “Can we learn to love the planet as much as these two people love one another?”

This film is an intimate glimpse inside the life, love, and motivations of Canada’s most beloved environmentalist, David Suzuki, in his first feature film.

Our love radiates out from the physical to metaphysical, we share in our ideas and our greatest love is our children who are the product of our love and that means we love the planet that sustains us.

- David Suzuki

Warm, wise and overflowing with generosity, this is a love story so epic it embraces all of creation. Yet another reminder of how blessed we are to be in the struggle with elders like David and Tara.

- Naomi Klein, author, activist, & filmmaker, & Avi Lewis, filmmaker, activist, & educator

A deeply personal, totally enchanting love story. David and Tara take us on a magical journey into the heart of commitment - to one another, to family, to community, to justice and to the planet. A testament to hope.

- Maude Barlow, author & activist, Blue Planet Project

I was skeptical at first, wondering how in the world a film could be made resting solely on the spoken word amongst four players. But they pulled it off, often with pungent hilarity and always with scathing intellectual content.  What a triumph!

- Stephen Lewis, AIDS-Free World

It has been so inspiring to pull back the curtain and spotlight the dynamo activist and organizer Tara Cullis, whose tireless work and unwavering vision have contributed greatly to the climate movement and the David Suzuki we know and love. We also see David in a surprisingly casual new light — rather than a broadcaster, he is a friend, a lover, a grandfather, and an elder.

- Kevin Matthew Wong, Co-Director

What You Won’t Do For Love has been made possible by support from

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