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King Gilgamesh and The Man of the Wild illustration
King Gilgamesh & The Man Of The Wild
By Ahmed Moneka, Jesse LaVercombe & Seth Bockley

Directed by Seth Bockley

A Co-Production with TRIA Theatre

Runtime: 95 minutes, no intermission
Warning: This play contains mature language and sexual content
On Stage July 25 to August 6

King Gilgamesh & The Man Of The Wild

The oldest story ever recorded like you’ve never seen.

King Gilgamesh & the Man of the Wild is a hybrid theatre-music production featuring Ahmed Moneka and Jesse LaVercombe alongside celebrated Arabic-maqam fusion band, Moneka Arabic Jazz. A present-day story of friendship interweaves with the ancient Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, and along the way traces Ahmed’s real-life journey from exiled Iraqi actor to acclaimed musician in Canada. Featuring themes of art, ambition, sex, and mortality, this two-man epic spans centuries, cultures, and continents in a moving, funny, tragic, and ultimately celebratory performance. 

Canadian Premiere

RSVP to our Community Conversation "Artists in Exile" happening on August 2 at 3pm .

In partnership with Toronto Arab Film this edition of our ongoing "Community Conversations" series brings together a group of diverse Arab artists, writers and cultural workers to discuss making art in exile. From Iraq to Syria to Sudan, these speakers are building transnational solidarities through their artistic practices which utilize a variety of mediums such as film/moving images, live music & theatre, writing and architecture. 



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