It's Canada's hundred-and-fiftieth birthday, and Ottawa's throwing a party! Not just any party - a nationwide, year-long celebration of everything that makes this country worth celebrating!  But a party this big needs a personality just as big to run it, and nobody's bigger in Canada than Mark Armitage, much loved and admired actor-director-producer-writer-actor (wait, we said that), hand-picked by the Prime Minister to make sure that July 1st, 2017 will be a day unlike any other day in this nation's glorious past, present or future! There's just one problem, which Mark and his crack staff soon discover: how do you throw a birthday party for a country that doesn't want it?

A satirical podcast created and written by Jason Sherman, produced by Gregory J. Sinclair, in their first collaboration since their award-winning CBC radio shows Afghanada, National Affairs, and P.M.O.

Soulpepper’s debut Audio-Drama series premiered May 9th, with new parts released each Tuesday and Friday, until Canada Day 2017.



Advisory: Contains strong language and adult situations.

Generously supported by The Garland imagiNation Fund and The Wernham-West Audio Project.

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