Born in Jerusalem, Israel and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

SOULPEPPER 2018: A Moveable Feast: Paris in the 20's.

FOR SOULPEPPER: The Secret Chord (2017), Manhattan Concert Cycle (2017), Midtown Manhattan: Broadway, Uptown Manhattan: Harlem, Downtown Manhattan: Melting Pot (2016), and Soulpepper Cabaret Series (2015).

OTHER: Recordings: What About Wool Wishbags (2017), Manhattan Concert Cycle Vol. 1: Downtown: The Melting Pot (2016), Fly Softly (2016), Til the Sun Comes Up (2015). Jacob is a saxophonist/clarinetist and appears as a frequent sideman to several musical groups in the Toronto area, as well as leading his own project of original material.