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The Training Room provides accessible artist training regardless of professional experience from leading Canadian and International ‚ÄčTheatre Artist-Instructors.

Stay tuned for more Training Room programming coming soon.


Leader. Agitator. Ground-breaker. For over 40 years Philip Akin has been shaping the Canadian theatre landscape.  Now in his final season as Artistic Director of Obsidian Theatre, Canada’s leading culturally specific theatre company, Philip continues to influence, teach and inspire. 

Join this multi-award winning artist for a FREE online masterclass as he discusses investigating and championing artistic perspectives, leadership, and diving into the centre of the work. Click on the image below to watch.

Photo by Cesar Ghisilieri


Soulpepper is excited to announce a series of virtual theatre workshops that you can do from the comfort of your own home! Join the incredible artist educators Augusto Bitter and Paula Wing for senior youth workshops on movement and writing (recommended ages 8-13).

This woman [Nina Lee Aquino] is a BOSS, changing the theatre scene with her forward thinking leadership, innovative direction, and IBPOC activism.

- @gennysermonia

It was fabulous, inspiring and good for the artistic soul. 

- Lisa R.

Heart, soul, and brain full and energized! Thank you Weyni Mengesha and Gregory Prest for that brilliant Q&A and food for thought.

- Miranda M.

Really appreciated Soulpepper #spTrainingRoom Directing Theatre session today. I found Daniel Brooks to be very honest and autientic and I have no doubts he would be fantastic to work with!

- Amy C.

What a pleasure it was to listen in to [the] Soulpepper Masterclass with Philip Akin. Such wisdom and finesse in every word he speaks. Can't wait for theatres to open again...

- Evander J.D.

Philip Akin’s Masterclass through #SpTrainingRoom is reminding me how spoiled we are in Canadian theatre to have amazing artists like him.

- Eva B.

Wow! This was absolutely outstanding. I could listen to Philip Akin speak all day! I learned so much and my brain is bursting with fresh ideas! Thank you Soulpepper for this incredible opportunity.

- Elizabeth F.

This workshop is giving my heart some much needed inspiration and hope. Thank you Daniel Brooks and Soulpepper for this wonderful Masterclass!

- Rebekka G.

The most beautiful masterclass I've watched. Daniel Brooks' spririt is so gentle, humble, and collaborative. Really needed to hear his words.

- @zoeyve