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The Training Room

The Training Room provides accessible artist training regardless of professional experience from leading Canadian and International ​Theatre Artist-Instructors.

This woman [Nina Lee Aquino] is a BOSS, changing the theatre scene with her forward thinking leadership, innovative direction, and IBPOC activism.

- @gennysermonia

It was fabulous, inspiring and good for the artistic soul. 

- Lisa R.

Heart, soul, and brain full and energized! Thank you Weyni Mengesha and Gregory Prest for that brilliant Q&A and food for thought.

- Miranda M.

This workshop is giving my heart some much needed inspiration and hope. Thank you Daniel Brooks and Soulpepper for this wonderful Masterclass!

- Rebekka G.

The most beautiful masterclass I've watched. Daniel Brooks' spririt is so gentle, humble, and collaborative. Really needed to hear his words.

- @zoeyve

Really appreciated Soulpepper #spTrainingRoom Directing Theatre session today. I found Daniel Brooks to be very honest and autientic and I have no doubts he would be fantastic to work with!

- Amy C.

What a pleasure it was to listen in to [the] Soulpepper Masterclass with Philip Akin. Such wisdom and finesse in every word he speaks. Can't wait for theatres to open again...

- Evander J.D.

Philip Akin’s Masterclass through #SpTrainingRoom is reminding me how spoiled we are in Canadian theatre to have amazing artists like him.

- Eva B.

Wow! This was absolutely outstanding. I could listen to Philip Akin speak all day! I learned so much and my brain is bursting with fresh ideas! Thank you Soulpepper for this incredible opportunity.

- Elizabeth F.